If you want to become a member?

Membership requirements

Any tour guide who fulfils the following requirements can become a member of ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik:

  1. meets the conditions stated in the Law of providing services within tourism (NN 130/17) for providing services as a tour guide in Šibenik-Knin County,
  2. has passed the official tour guide examination, is in possession of the Approval order for tour guide services issued by the appropriate government office and has received the official licence for the Šibenik-Knin County,
  3. delivers a copy of the Approval order for tour guide services issued by the appropriate government office and a copy of a valid licence ID for Šibenik-Knin County (both sides) to the e-mail address: [email protected]

The ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik Management board decides upon membership within 15 days of registering via the online application form, and after receiving appropriate documentation.

Upon approval by the Board, the new member is obliged to:

  1. pay an admittance fee of 15,00 EUR to the Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil” Šibenik,
  2. pay an annual membership fee of 40,00 EUR,
  3. direct the payments to the giro account of the Association “Mihovil” Šibenik HR64 2390 0011 1990 0495 2,
  4. Register on the website of the ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik by which you are also committing to participation in its work, honouring the Statute and other acts as well as decisions made by the governing body of ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik

To secure membership in the ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik, you may be required to pass a field examination of your skills as a tour guide.

Frequently asked questions:

Can you guarantee a job upon becoming a member?

In short, ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik does not provide a guarantee.

The Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil” Šibenik was not founded and does not exist for the purpose of finding and arranging jobs for tour guides or for the purpose of negotiating in the performance of tour guide services. Agencies are free to choose a tour guide from the list of members on the website.

I don’t see the point in becoming a member if ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik won’t provide me with a job.

We’re sorry our goals are not enough of a reason to join.

The goals of the Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil” Šibenik are:

  • advancement, affirmation and improvement of the tour guide calling and the protection of their rights,
  • contributing to the valorisation of tourism resources in the area of its operation,
  • raising public awareness with the aim of preserving material, immaterial and natural heritage,
  • protection and promotion of historical and cultural heritage and national identity.

The goals of UTV “Mihovil” Šibenik are of a completely different nature, and can be read about in detail in our statute (articles 5 and 6).

What is the membership fee?

A one-time admittance fee to UTV “Mihovil” Šibenik is €15.00, and the yearly membership fee is €40.00. Payments should be made out to the giro account of the Association: HR64 2390 0011 1990 0495 2. The model is 02 and the referral number is the date of payment.

Can ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik issue an invoice for my tours?

Yes, if you are a regular member.

According to article 78 of the Law of providing services within tourism (NN 130/17, 25/19, 98/19, 42/20) tour guide associations can liaise on behalf of all their members and are obliged to issue a receipt to the user of the provided service.

When can I expect payment of monetary goods into my giro account?

After the member has fulfilled the application from for the website, an admin will check the data and deliver the receipt to the client.

For every service, the member and the Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil” Šibenik must sign a Service contract according to theCode of obligations and contracts, article 590.

After receiving payment for the delivered receipt, ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik will transfer the payment to the giro account of the member as directed by the calculations for second income.

What amount will be paid out to me?

The prices for services listed on the website of the ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik are in their gross amounts, without taxes, because the Association does not adhere to the tax system. You will receive the net amount because the Association will pay all of your taxes for you, according to the current tax law.

What is a service contract and the secondary income category?

A service contract is one of the ways a member of the ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik can charge an agency for provided service and receive payment for it.

The secondary income is a way of calculating the compensation for a service contract, and is defined by the Law of income tax and the Law of contributions. This means that from the agreed amount for the service, pension insurance, tax, surtax and health insurance are deducted.

Do I have to wait for the client to make the payment? Why can’t I receive the payment immediately?

ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik only issues a receipt in your name, but does not guarantee that the receipt will be paid.

Unfortunately, there are agencies on the market that do not fulfil their obligations on time. ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik cannot make payments to its members if the payment has not been received. Therefore, in order to preserve financial stability, ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik will make the payment after the agency has paid. What you can do is to check who you are doing business with before making any agreements.

What if the agency never makes the payment for my services?

ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik will inform the debtor about the unpaid costs and will try to collect the payment. In the worst case scenario, there is a possibility of starting an enforcement procedure.

I provide other services related to tourism. Can ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik issue a receipt for those services as well?

No. We are a professional association of tour guides and the Law of providing services within tourism clearly defines which services a tour guide can provide. On our website you can also find a price list with clearly defined prices for individual services.

What if the service I provide or have agreed upon with the client is not listed in the price list?

In ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik we have a lot of members who provide different tour guide services, and it is impossible to list them all for the sake of clarity. That is why we have clearly defined the price list, which is clear and simple, and is tied to the duration of the tour guide service regardless of the type of service.

The agency asked for a discount on the service? What should I do?

On the website of ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik there is a price list of services and receipts will be issued according to it. ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik will always advocate for fair competition in the service market.

I have my own business or company. If I receive an inquiry through ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik, can I charge for the service myself or does ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik have to charge for the agreed service?

That is up to you. You can charge for the service yourself, or ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik can charge for you.

If I am not a member of ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik, can I participate in the activities organised by ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik?

Only regular members can participate in activities organised by ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik, unless ATG “Mihovil“ Šibenik defines otherwise.