How ATG "Mihovil" Šibenik was founded?

At the time of the association’s founding, the position of tour guides in Šibenik-Knin County was quite poor. They faced numerous problems - from unfair competition, through infrastructural obstacles and lack of understanding, to the lack of recognition of the importance of the role of tour guides by other participants in tourism.

The Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil” Šibenik was founded on 24th March 2006 and registered in the Register of Associations on 4th April 2006. At the founding assembly there were 13 guides, and the first presidency of the association was elected: Diana Bolanča - president, Karmen Bezbradica - vice president and Marina Garma - secretary.

Recognizing the key problems, the Association began to raise awareness of the importance of tour guides within the local community and among tourist agencies and tour operators. Expert lectures are organized for additional education and to provide the highest quality service. Contacts and communication are established with relevant services and all relevant institutions in tourism.

From 13 to 63

63 - is not just a number

It is not an individual, it is not a presidency, nor is it coloured by politics

63 - that is the number of our guides
we are ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik

What is ATG “Mihovil” Šibenik today?

Since 24th March 2006, we have become an important and recognized part of the tourist offer of the city of Šibenik and Šibenik-Knin County. We are happy that our workplaces are the streets, stairs and alleys of Šibenik, national parks, other cities and natural landmarks.

Our members, licensed guides, are competent to interpret historical, cultural, natural, traditional, gastronomic and other landmarks of our city, county and beyond, and they do so with love for their region and homeland. We are proud that we can present all of that to our guests from all over the world.

Today, we can boast a respectable number of members that grows day by day. Various projects, education, volunteer work have been recognized, both by the local community and at the state level, as an important part of the presentation of material and immaterial heritage, which has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions. Therefore, we can include this Association (without false modesty) at the forefront of the development of this type of tourist activity.

It is extremely important for us to constantly maintain quality education and to solve problems that are important for the profession of tour guides.

What do our guides say?

What others say about us?

Whenever you do something with pure love, heart, passion - it shows... The energy that moves mountains. It is exactly that kind of energy and pure love, which you do not often feel in life, that bursts in Šibenik.
The Association of Tour Guides Mihovil Šibenik gathers colleagues whose mention always brings a smile to our faces. With pure positivity, togetherness, creativity and hard work, with every new project they truly "provoke" a reaction in a way: "oh, phenomenal, how did you even think of that?!"
And truly, my colleagues are the authors of numerous creative, excellently executed projects, among which I would certainly single out (dear mention the real name - medieval Šibenik, tell your story...); projects that are a pride to the city of Šibenik, Šibenik-Knin County and the whole of Croatia, whose work has reached the very top of the world.
With numerous other events, lectures and trips, colleagues who irresistibly attract you with their positive energy to join them and come to Šibenik, I am convinced that this association has significantly contributed to the development of tourism in Šibenik. With good city and destination management, in a short time this city has become, in youthful terms, a real hit and a model.
All of us in the Community of Tourist Guide Societies of Croatia are soulfully and heartily proud of our colleagues in the Association of Tour Guides Mihovil Šibenik. The energy they spread is an incredible motivator for all of us towards creating and realizing new projects and further successes.
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on all the numerous, truly respectable, results of the work so far and I look forward to the future successes of the Association of Tour Guides Mihovil Šibenik, in which I have no doubt.
Always according to the same well-known Šibenik model: positive energy that moves mountains!

It is a great honour for me to write a recommendation for the Association of Tour Guides "Mihovil" Šibenik. The cooperation on previous projects was pleasant and always cheerful, but primarily professional. This team of hardworking and young people develops new ideas and possibilities, thus involving all participants so that their story has all the necessary foundations and values.

Kristina Nuić Prka

President, Community of Tourist Guide Societies of Croatia

Ivana Menđušić

Director, Drniš Tourist Board