General terms

  1. The scope of the association's activities, in accordance with its objectives, includes culture and arts, education, science and research, economy, and environmental and nature protection.
  2. The activities of the association through which the objectives are achieved are clearly listed in the statutes.
  3. Membership in the association presupposes adherence to regulations, as well as the association's acts and decisions.
  4. Due to the authenticity of the data, the Association requires, upon membership, to review the decision on meeting the conditions for providing tourist guide services and the tourist guide ID card.
  5. Each member is obliged to provide accurate and truthful information.
  6. Members of the association are obligated to dedicate themselves to achievements and maintaining a high level of professional behavior established in the code of conduct.
  7. It is considered that a member has agreed to these General Terms by registering on the UTV Mihovil Šibenik website. If you do not agree with these General Terms, please do not register on the association's website.
  8. These General Terms may be updated without special notice to the members, and it is the members' duty to follow the UTV Mihovil Šibenik website for insights into possible changes.
  9. The statute is publicly announced and is considered an integral part of these General Terms and comes into force on the day of its adoption, and applies from the day of registration in the Associations Register, which is maintained by the competent state administration body.
  10. The association's statute, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or other documents are publicly announced and are considered an integral part of the general terms and come into effect on the day of their adoption.