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About us.

UTV “Mihovil” Šibenik is a non-profit association of tour guides founded in 2006.

Our members are tour guides from all over Croatia, but especially the Šibenik-Knin County.

Our goal is to gather tour guides under a common goal in order to protect our interests, organise further education and workshops so as to improve our knowledge and skills. We aim to represent our country and its heritage in the best way possible.

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Number of active members: 63, and growing!

Total number of published news articles: 236,

and published blogs: 30!

Why UTV “Mihovil“ Šibenik?

An multiple winning association

The Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil“ Šibenik and its members have been recognised and its work has been rewarded by the community in which they function

Local experts

Our tour guides are more than just booksmart, they are people who have grown up and continue to live in the locations that they tour. That could be the deciding factor!

100% customisable

Whether you are a travel agency or a private individual, our guides will adapt to your wishes and needs as much as possible.

How to hire a tour guide

The Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil“ Šibenik does not mediate in the hiring of tour guides, but instead directs you to a list of our members where you can find all the information neccessary to make the right call.

The list can be filtered by language and area of expertise.

Travel agency

The Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil“ Šibenik is not a travel agency and does not perform any agency work.

All of our members are licensed tour guides.

They are immaculate professionals and experts in more than just the Šibenik-Knin County; but other counties as well.

We offer guided tours in cities, national parks, nature parks…

We offer classic tours and visits, multiple day tours, thematic tours, boat trips, hiking tours, bike tours...

More information about the services we provide can be found in the members list.

Want to become a member?

You have passed the official examination for becoming a tour guide.

You have been issued the Approval order for tour guide services by the appropriate government office and you have received your official licence as a tour guide for the Šibenik-Knin County.

You are active and wish to participate in the creation and realisation of different projects.

You wish to participate in various workshops.

You are a creative individual and wish to create online content in the form of blog posts or videos.

You wish to be a part of one of the best associations of tour guides in Croatia.

You wish to be a member of a proactive association.

You wish to have a profile on the website of the Association of Tour Guides “Mihovil“ Šibenik.

You wish to further educate yourself, enjoy socialising and being a part of a unique team.

Awards and recognitions.

Our projects.